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Experts to assist your
business in changing times

Equipe do negócio Business Team

We understand that each industry is different, and each company has its own culture.


That’s why the solutions need to be customized, projects need to be analyzed and managed in a strategic way.

There are no ready-made models. It takes hard work and hands-on support to understand the problem, evaluate alternatives, and create innovative solutions for the challenges.

This belief is why we don't sell off-the-shelf methods or ready-made solutions.

At Lanton we offer expertise to find one-off solutions. Check it out.


We are located in Curitiba, Paraná State, Brazil, but we are able to assist companies and entrepreneurs globally.  We can offer services in English and Spanish. We are digital and use tools and processes that optimize and guarantee quality.

Knowledge, experience, and creativity are the most valuable human skills in the new digital economy.  We can offer you this and more.

The expertise we offer is based over 25 years experience in different areas within large companies of various segments.

More than recommendations, we work to ensure that our clients actually achieve significant and sustainable results. We are hands-on.

Our services can be based on projects or hours. We will base pricing based on the complexity and recurrence fo the services. We can work with you to make sure we can fit your needs.


Reach out to us to get started.

Mulher de negócios sênior Senior Business entrepreneur

Our focus is on your business. More than consulting or advisory, we offer partnership.

How about an online meet up coffee to kick off your projects?

Need more information?

We are here to help you. Get in touch!

Laptop & Coffee Online Coffee Meeting
Do you need more information?

We are here to help you. Get in touch!

+55 (41) 99624-6284

+55 (41) 99944-8168

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